Ex3cut0r is DiscordJS bot for convert data into Base64, Binary, QRCodes, and much more!

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help - Documentation on Ex3cut0r's commands

info - Information about Ex3cut0r

qr - Encode a string in a QR

binary - Encode & Decode a string in Binary

base64 - Encode & Decode a string in Base64

leet - Encode data in leet speak (1337)

inspect - Inspect many types of URLs

math - Calculate a math expression

morsecode - Encode & Decode a string in Morse Code

randomcolor - Generate a random color

txt - Write your message to a text file

rot - Encode a string from ROT1 thru ROT25

sha1 - Encode a string with SHA1 Checksum

sha256 - Encode a string with SHA256 Checksum

md5 - Encode a string with MD5 Checksum

url - Shorten a URL using is.gd

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