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How to save?

Mobile: Tap and hold on the QR Code

Desktop: Right-click on the QR Code and save image as

Doesn't Work? Tap or Click the "Download QR Code" button

Methods to save image may differ across devices and browsers


  • If the QR code breaks/is unscannable try removing special characters from the QR code.
  • Trying to turn a long website link into a QR Code? Try using is.gd to shorten it.

QR Code Features

QR Codes have many different features

WiFi Password: WIFI:S:<SSID>;T:<WPA|WEP|>;P:<password>;;

WiFi No Password: WIFI:S:<SSID>;;

Website: https://skylarmccauley.com/qrit

Call Phone Number: tel:+15550001111

Text Phone Number: sms:+15550001111

FaceTime Phone Number: facetime://+15550001111

FaceTime Email: facetime://[email protected]

Slack: slack://open?team={TEAM_ID}

Email: mailto:[email protected]

Calendar: webcal://example.com/calendar.ics

Geographic Info: geo:37.334409,-122.009234


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